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What does DX mean?

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"D-Exclusive" is more than an American Entertainer from San Bernardino, CA.
He is a Reminder of Ideas: "Honesty, Hope, Will, Family, Inspiration, Love, and Choice is Everything."

He entertains the world with meaningful, fun stories through his music, videos, and life; inspiring others to be Happy and Honest with the values they choose to live by.

His current focus is using his entertainment success and profits to enable him to educate and entertain preschool aged kids and help families with Alzheimer's by offering them "Free Care Management for Seniors."

So let's "Stand with Seniors" to make a difference in the families living with Alzheimer's today!

The term "DX" represents an idea, being "D-Exclusive."

Be "D-Exclusive" in 7 steps:

1. Empty your mind.
2. Choose your values.
3. Calculate your cost of living.
4. Eat well, exercise often.
5. Discover your activities of happiness.
6. Invite others to be apart of your success.
7. Inspire others to be "D-Exclusive."